Consultant Opening at Virtusa in Bengaluru

Website Virtusa

Consultant – CREQ185678
Gen AI Integration Developer: Extensive implementation experience in data analytics space or a senior developer role in one of the modern technology stack Excellent programming skills and proficiency in at least one of the major programming scripting languages used in Gen AI orchestration such as Python or PySpark or Java Ability to build API based scalable solutions and debug & troubleshoot software or design issues Hands on exposure to integrating atleast one of the popular LLMs(Open AI GPT, PaLM 2, Dolly, Claude 2, Cohere etc.) using API endpoints. Thorough understanding of prompt engineering; implementation exposure to LLM agents like LangChain & vector databases Pinecone or Chroma or FAISS Ability to quickly conduct experiments and analyze the features and capabilities of newer versions of the LLM models as they come into market Basic data engineering skills to load structured & unstructured data from source systems to target data stores Work closely with Gen AI leads and other team members to address requirements from the product backlog Build and maintain data pipelines and infrastructure to support AI Solutions Desirable:Hands on exposure to using cloud(Azure/GCP/AWS) services for storage, serverless-logic, search, transcription and chat Extensive experience with data engineering and ETL tools is a big plus Masters/Bachelors degree in Computer Science or Statistics or Mathematics

To apply for this job please visit www.virtusa.com.