Full Stack Developer(WFH) at Uplers

  • Full Time
  • Remote

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Experience: 6+ years

Salary: USD 2,800- 3,500/month (based on experience)

Expected Notice Period: 2 to 4 Weeks

Shift: 11:30 AM to 9:30 PM IST

Opportunity Type: Remote

Placement Type: Contractual

Contract Duration: Full-time, 12 months

(*Note: This is a requirement for one of Uplers’ clients)

What do you need for this opportunity?

Primary Skills:

gRPC, MicroServices, Node.js, Orchestration Tools, Pixel Perfect Coding, Restful APIs, testing frameworks, Kafka, Quality Assurance

Our Hiring Partner is Looking for:

Sr. Full Stack Developer/Architecture who is passionate about their work, eager to learn and grow, and who is committed to delivering exceptional results. If you are a team player, with a positive attitude and a desire to make a difference, then we want to hear from you!

Roles & Responsibilities:

Kafka Expertise:

  • Develop and maintain event-driven architectures using Kafka.
  • Manage real-time data processing efficiently.
  • Provide advanced solutions to complex data streaming challenges.

Node.js Proficiency:

  • Build scalable backend applications using Node.js.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to develop robust and efficient software solutions.

gRPC Skills:

  • Demonstrate strong competency in creating efficient, low-latency network communications using gRPC.
  • Implement and optimize gRPC services for seamless integration into the overall architecture.

RESTful APIs, Microservices, and Database Systems:

  • Design and implement RESTful APIs.
  • Contribute to the development of microservices architectures.
  • Work with various database systems to ensure optimal data storage and retrieval.

Testing Frameworks and Quality Assurance:

  • Utilize testing frameworks and tools to ensure software quality and reliability.
  • Collaborate with QA teams to implement effective testing strategies.

Cloud Services Experience (especially Azure & AWS):

  • Apply knowledge and practical experience in Azure and AWS services.
  • Collaborate in the deployment and management of cloud-based applications.

Containerization Technologies and Orchestration Tools (especially Kubernetes):

  • Demonstrate advanced skills in containerization technologies, particularly Kubernetes.
  • Deploy and orchestrate applications effectively in a containerized environment.

Writing Scalable and Optimized Code:

  • Write code that is both scalable and optimized for performance.
  • Conduct code reviews to ensure adherence to best practices.

This Role Requires:

  • Kafka Experience (4 years): Advanced knowledge and experience in Kafka, essential for developing event-driven architectures and managing real-time data processing.
  • Node.js Experience (4 years): Proficient in Node.js, demonstrating the ability to build scalable backend applications.
  • gRPC Experience (4 years): Strong skills in gRPC, showing competency in creating efficient, low-latency network communications.
  • RESTful APIs, Microservices, and Database Systems Experience (3 years): Solid understanding and experience in designing RESTful APIs, developing microservices architectures, and working with various database systems.
  • Testing Frameworks and Quality Assurance Tools (3 years): Proficiency in using testing frameworks and tools to ensure software quality and reliability.
  • Cloud Services Experience (2 years, especially Azure & AWS): Knowledge and practical experience in cloud platforms, with a particular emphasis on Azure services.
  • Containerization Technologies and Orchestration Tools Experience (4 years, especially Kubernetes): Advanced skills in containerization technologies, notably Kubernetes, for effective deployment and orchestration of applications.
  • Writing Scalable and Optimized Code (4 years): Demonstrated ability in writing code that is both scalable and optimized for performance.

Desired Skills:

  • High Proficiency in Kafka: Expertise in Kafka for enhanced ability in event-driven architecture development and real-time data handling.
  • Proficiency in Node.js and gRPC: Strong command over Node.js and effective use of gRPC for network communications.
  • Microservices Architecture and RESTful APIs: In-depth knowledge of microservices architecture and RESTful API design.
  • Functional Coding Methodology: Experience with functional programming principles and their practical application in software development.
  • Cloud Platforms and Containerization: Familiarity with cloud platforms, particularly Azure|AWS, and experience in containerization technologies like Kubernetes.

How to apply for this opportunity?

  • Register or login on our portal & fill out the application
  • Clear the assessment(s) required and apply for the opportunity
  • Once completed, our team will contact you with an interview with our SME/Matcher
  • Once it’s all done, your profile will be shared with the client
  • When selected, just meet the client and get your exciting career started!

About the Client/Company:

For over 20 years, we’ve revolutionized content services, offering multi-channel marketing and billing integrations for all major mobile network operators. Our focus is on delivering impactful technical solutions, addressing people’s needs effectively. Operating across diverse work streams, our products boast quick turnarounds, rigorous testing, and come with ready-to-go marketing strategies.

About Uplers

Our goal is to make hiring reliable, simple, and fast. Our role will be to help all our talents find and apply for relevant contractual remote opportunities and progress in their career. We will support any grievances or challenges you may face during the engagement. You will also be assigned to a dedicated Talent Success Coach during the engagement.

(Note: There are many more opportunities apart from this on the portal. Depending on the assessments you clear, you can apply for them as well).

To apply for this job please visit ats.uplers.com.