Training Specialist at Wipro


Job Description

Role Profile Trainer
Role Definition The role of a trainer is to develop a competency and skill sets in an individual to perform his/her effectively and efficiently in the work place. The trainer should communicate to the trainees about what is expected out of training in a simple and professional way
Roles and Responsibilities The trainer plays a pivotal role from start to end of the Domain training that includes the following:
1. Participate in KA and KT related activities in the account and work with the client and various stakeholders to ensure that processes knowledge is documented and transferred to the operations team
2. Deliver Generic Domain Specific Modules along with up skilling resources on process.
3. Structure On boarding Training requirements, Pre Process, Customer Visits etc.
4. Ensure that all new employees go through the defined new learning path for their respective roles in the account
5. Deliver pre-process and process training for new employees
6. Support new hires during OJT and GO-live
7. Provide refresher and remedial training for existing employees
8. Ensure all regulatory requirements are complied with from time to time
9. Maintain trainee data and information
10. Generate training reports from time to time
11. Support any administrative tasks like trainee roster and scheduling etc.
12. Create/Customize training content for delivery
13. Provide feedback and coaching to analysts on the floor
14. Take ownership for improvement in analysts performance
15. Analyze training needs for employees working for the account.
16. Responsible for account level Training metrics
17. Responsible for adhering to training standardization guidelines defined by the BU Training Function
18. Responsible to work with ops to bridge gaps during training.
Certifications and Assessments Standard Trainer Assessment & Domain  Certification
B2 – Domain Process Training Certification
Education Graduate
Knowledge Must Have
‘1 Good Hands on system & applications expertise
2 Fluent in English language skills
3 Excellent Communication and presentation Skills
4 Good Customer interaction skills
5 PC literate  with good system navigation skills
6 Good Data input skills
7 MS Office (Excel, Word, Outlook) skills – Basic
8 Task Management & Organization skills
9 Problem solving skills
10 Professional experience in Industry environment
11 Ability to engage with the client and run/lead workshops
12 Excellent Facilitation and influencing skills
Good to have
– Advanced Research Skills
– Content Design & Development Skills
– Experience in handling LMS activities
Experience Must Have
1. A Deep Knowledge of the Business
2. The Ability to Measure and Assess Staff Training Needs
3. Strong Communication and Interpersonal skills
4. A Passion for Continuous Learning
5. Innovative Thinking
6. Embrace Efficiency
Good to have
Prior experience in similar role
ID Certification and Technical Skills
Behavioral Skills and Attributes Assertive Communication
Conflict Resolution Mindset
Able to balance work and life
Good Time Management
Self-improvement Mindset
Good Stress Management/Resilience

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